Is AcceleDent Right for You?

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Not many people escape the need for an orthodontist and the variety of services the orthodontist offers, including braces and TMJ treatments. AcceleDent Aura is a treatment used in conjunction with braces to speed up the bone remodeling process.

This easy-to-use AcceleDent Aura device is used by patients for 20 minutes each day – achieving amazing results, moving teeth up to fifty percent faster. This FDA-approved product requires a prescription from an orthodontist. Patients will love AcceleDent Aura because of the reduced discomfort they will experience over time and the shorter orthodontic treatment schedule!

Accelerate Bone Remodeling

AcceleDent Aura’s Activator produces micro-particles accelerating bone remodeling. Patients can see their usage history by using a USB interface. With its own travel case, patients can transport the AcceleDent easily and keep it clean as it can quickly power on/off on its Activator. AcceleDent Aura will give you the comfortable fit you want!

How does AcceleDent Aura work?

AcceleDent Aura uses the SoftPulse Technology to speed up the movement of the teeth, reducing the patient’s orthodontic treatment time, making the teeth feel more comfortable down the road. AcceleDent Aura is proven safe, with many patients around the world using the device.

AcceleDent Aura has been improving the capabilities of orthodontic treatments since 2007. AcceleDent Aura can cut orthodontic treatment time in half – a thrilling development for both the patient and the orthodontic professional.

AcceleDent Aura – A High-Quality Product

The AcceleDent Aura has a range of prices, based on the orthodontist, but it is well worth the cost as it allows the patient to achieve maximum orthodontic results in the minimum amount of time. And, with reduced discomfort throughout treatment!

The device is also automatically timed, and patients can take it everywhere. Although patients have to use the AcceleDent daily, this routine will help achieve the best results.

By docking the Activator Shell on the charging dock, patients will be able to see AcceleDent usage. Recommended charging time is every three to five days or when there is no light in the AcceleDent’s battery gauge.

AcceleDent is a great option for orthodontic treatment, reducing discomfort while quickly helping to achieve desired results in half the time compared to traditional orthodontic treatments!