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New Method of Acquiring Stem Cells from Wisdom Teeth

A new breakthrough in the orthopedic realm has recently been made by researchers at UNLV regarding the extraction of stem cells from wisdom teeth. Before we get into the specifics however, it is best to first understand what stem cells are, and what their impact will be for the future of health. Stem cells are… Read more »

Using Lasers in Modern Dentistry

Out with the Old: For the past couple of decades, the traditional system of finding tooth decay has been reliant on an instrument nicknamed the “explorer”. Now primitive, the explorer was used by prodding and poking around in the patient’s mouth during a checkup. If the explorer sticks in a tooth involuntarily, then that tooth… Read more »

Ahrens Orthodontics Louisville Kentucky

Pediatric Orthodontics Louisville Kentucky In Louisville, Kentucky, you have the best pediatric orthodontics office available with Ahrens Orthodontics. There is no substitute for experience. Patients can expect professionalism and outstanding care. There are a wide variety of different types of dental braces to choose from, metal, ceramic, and clear braces (Invisalign). Ahrens Orthodontics in Louisville,… Read more »