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Orthodontics Louisville Kentucky

Orthodontics Office Louisville KY In Louisville, Kentucky, you have the best orthodontics office with Ahrens Orthodontics. There is no substitute for experience. Patients can expect professionalism and outstanding care. There are a wide variety of different types of dental braces to choose from, such as metal, ceramic, and Invisalign. Ahrens Orthodontics in Louisville, Kentucky offers… Read more »

Is AcceleDent Right for You?

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Not many people escape the need for an orthodontist and the variety of services the orthodontist offers, including braces and TMJ treatments. AcceleDent Aura is a treatment used in conjunction with braces to speed up the bone remodeling process. This easy-to-use AcceleDent Aura device is used by patients for 20 minutes each day – achieving… Read more »